Ask BIG Questions

Nothing stimulates vision more then asking big questions

In fact, a simple well stated question can actually become a powerful organisational changing vision.

Ratan Tata, the CEO of the Indian based TATA Motors, provided a good example of such a question when he asked his organisation: “Why can’t we make a car for 1 Lakh” (approx $1,000).

It was an audacious question, one he did not have an answer for, but it inspired his engineers. The result is the revolutionary little car the NANO.

The NANO has no power steering or electric windows and is being distributed via a radically new distribution network to stimulate demand and manage price. To save on costs, the engineering team gave the car a windshield wiper with one arm instead of the usual two and one side-view rear mirror, too. They even attached the wheels with three bolts instead of four.

TATA’s staff were inspired by the possibility that they could make the dream of car ownership a possibility for hundreds of millions of striving families in India and around the world.

The result was a revolution.

What makes a GREAT big question?

  1. Find a question that excites energy and passion in you
  2. Make sure the question also excites energy and passion your staff
  3. Ask a question you do not know the answer to
  4. Empower your staff to explore and dig for answers
  5. Do not cast any other vision or fix any plan until you have answers

Have you used big questions to stimulate vision? What other tips do you have? Please comment below.


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  1. Graham says:

    Does it have an engine or is it fred flinstone power?lol

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