Being Positive to PSA

On Nov 3 2010 the NZ Kiwifruit industry looked incredible. Growing gold in particular was highly profitable. The cash that the annual harvest generated allowed for deep investment right through the value chain.

The future could not look better, the new varieties tasted incredible and looked great on the vine. Our visions of the future on Nov 3 2010 were big and bright.

Then PSA went public and the ride since has been hairy. Some weeks look good and we think we can make it. Other weeks it looks like there really is no future for our precious kiwi in the Bay of Plenty.

Certainly our visions have been dashed. It is quite clear, even on the best of weeks that the growth we once planned cannot occur the way we once planned it.

Quite simply it looks like we are in for a very rocky ride. For some the ride may well be disastrous.

But how do we stay positive (excuse the pun) during this time? Certainly that is our challenge now, to stay positive.

I think one of the keys is to be there for others, to look out for our neighbors, to chat, to listen.

How is your neighbour or friend doing? Have you taken time to chat and listen, just listen without any other distractions, giving them your ear can be such a powerful way to help someone remain positive during PSA.

More than ever before we need to be a community of neighbors and friends who talk and listen to each other.

Your thoughts…is this enough? What else can we do to help each other? Please comment.


About One Strategies

Mike & Julie Edwards are directors of One Strategies, a specialist business consultancy service that works with companies to build tailored strategic solutions which deliver sustained growth and ultimately, higher returns. One Strategies is based in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand. 64 21 481 253 or 64 7 533 1971. Or email me;
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