How do you know if you have a vision statement that works?

When do you know if your vision statement works? Well, simply put, it must do three things. It must:

  1. Inspire
  2. Impact
  3. Ignite

Let me explain…

Inspire: Your vision must inspire passion in you and your staff. It must also be big enough that you really honestly don’t know how you will achieve it. If your staff don’t respond to your new vision something like: “what… really…is that possible, can we do that?” then upon further explanation of it go: “WOW…ok…well, we could do this or that, what about…”then you know that your vision really won’t work. It must inspire!

Impact: If your vision does not immediately impact your business processes then it will not affect anything. If it does not affect the today then it is powerless to determine your tomorrow.

Ignite: If your vision inspires your staff, if all your business processes and staff structures are aligned to your vision then the result will be momentum. Such a vision ignites action.

What do you think, are vision statements important?


About One Strategies

Mike & Julie Edwards are directors of One Strategies, a specialist business consultancy service that works with companies to build tailored strategic solutions which deliver sustained growth and ultimately, higher returns. One Strategies is based in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand. 64 21 481 253 or 64 7 533 1971. Or email me;
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2 Responses to How do you know if you have a vision statement that works?

  1. Michelle says:

    The Vision Statements of the past seemed to be long and detailed, and seemed to lose those the vision statement was for! Would a succinctly worded Vision Statement help an organization keep focussed on where they are heading?

    • Michelle, thanks for the comment, yes I absolutely believe so. The main challenge is making it succinct but also capturing all that you want to capture. That is why vivid, emotional descriptions of what this future will look like are also important. I try and have 3-6 paragraphs of vivid descriptions on a single A4 page with my vision statement at the top.

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