Here are some big questions for you!

A while ago I posted a blog on the importance of asking big questions to cast vision.

At the time of writing that blog I was looking for some local examples of big questions asked by leaders. I didn’t find any, but yesterday I found these great questions being asked by National in regards the large science challenges that face the country:

  1. How could New Zealand intensify its primary industries in an environmentally sustainable way – increasing production while at the same time protecting the environment, particularly water quality?
  2. What cost-effective technologies could be developed for sustainable energy production through use of biomass (plant material or agricultural waste) or advanced geothermal technologies?
  3. How could New Zealand produce a new generation of high-value foods – for example food or food-derived products that have demonstrated health benefits, designed for the Asian market?

OK, I am not big into sustainability myself…although I am getting there. But I like those questions more from the perspective that they are really big.

Such questions will stimulate scientists and engineers to find the answers and they will probably develop new and exciting technologies as a result. The outcomes will stimulate growth.

In my blog titled Ask Big Questions I talked about how Ratan Tata did exactly the same thing and the outcome was the TATA car, a car built for under $1,000.

This is not a plug for National! It is simply a reminder to consider how we can ask big questions to stimulate growth in our own businesses.

What big questions can you be asking your staff?


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